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sourdough tools

Here are a few of my favorite sourdough tools:

If you don’t already own a digital food scale, I’d highly recommend this one on Amazon. I use it almost everyday and it never lets me down.

A counter thermometer is crucial to your success as a sourdough baker. I use mine every time I bake!

Another one of my favorite baking tools is this awesome roaster pan It’s lightweight, nonstick and roomy enough to bake round and oval shaped loaves! It’s also only $35 for the medium size. I actually have two of these so I can bake two loaves at a time. :0) Make sure to order the medium size.

There are also a couple different flours that you may want to have on hand.

The first flour is bread flour.  It is ideal because it has more protein in it than all-purpose flour to help form stronger gluten strands that will make your bread better. If you are buying your bread flour from the store White Lily or King Arthur or Bob’s Red Mill bread flours are a good option. is another one of my favorites brands for bread flour. Their Lehi Mills Certified Organic All-Purpose Flour” is actually very high in protein and is strong enough to use in place of bread flour. Use the referral link above to save $5 on your first order.

The second is rye flour. You only need a small amount but using about 10% rye and 90% bread flour to feed your starter will help keep it strong and healthy.

The third flour is white rice flour. After baking hundreds of loaves, I’ve learned that a mixture of 60% rice flour and 40% bread flour is the perfect blend to sprinkle over the loaves before cutting the pretty designs into them aka “scoring”.

I’ve tried just rice flour and just bread flour plus many other flours and come to the realization that this is the best combo for getting the designs to show up after baking.

Here are a few other tools that aren’t totally necessary but are fun and pretty.

Sourdough can be a bit tough to cut through so a long sturdy bread knife is very helpful. I love this one!

These weck jars are beautiful and very nice for storing and mixing the starter. The wide mouth makes it easy to mix everything really well(You can also use wide mouth pint and quart canning jars, I use them all the time.)

Here is a lame for scoring the designs into the cold dough(you can use a sharp knife or a straight razor blade.)

Bannetons or proofing baskets for the fridge (you can also use bowls and tea towels.)

Here are instructions on how to season your banneton before it’s first use.

A Danish dough whisk  for mixing up your initial dough(you can also use a mixer, your hands or a wooden spoon.)

These bread bags are my favorite way to store sourdough on the counter, fridge and freezer.

I sometimes use these for covering the dough( you can also use plastic wrap)

 I use these to line my bannetons so that the dough never sticks!

This is my favorite scraper.

Painting sourdough is so fun here are the food safe paint gels that I use.

I also always mix the paint gels with this white food paint to make it go on thicker and smoother. 

These food coloring markers are fun to use if you want to draw on the bread.

You can use any pot with a lid for baking the sourdough and if you already own a large round cast iron dutch oven that’s great because those also produce beautiful sourdough bread! This one is perfect!

A six quart dutch oven or larger is ideal.

Mixing up a double batch(2 loaves)of sourdough can be a bit challenging for your arm so I usually use my heavy duty Kitchen Aid mixer for larger batches. I can mix up three loaves at once in my 6 quart bowl!

The links I that I listed above will take you to my amazon associate account and give me a very small commission if you decide to purchase any of them however that doesn’t increase the price that you pay.

Here are some links to my favorite baking gloves, silicon baking mats (use code chillspice10 for 10% off) and waterproof reusable bowl covers.

Thank you for your support!

Please let me know of you have any questions.

Happy Baking,