Easy Pop-up Camper Renovation

Easy Pop-up Camper Renovation


Camping is our go-to for R&R and memorable family time. It has created a bond between us that is unbreakable. There is something about roughing it, making do with what we have and surviving in less than ideal situations that keep us coming back for more. We can’t wait to show you how you can make your popup camper a cozy little haven. Here are the details of our easy pop-up camper renovation.


Our first son was only three weeks old when we took him out into the wild, he’s loved it ever since.

The adventures we’ve had our priceless: from backpacking all of our stuff in for an overnight night hike to; tent camping in Yellowstone in below-freezing weather with bears and buffalo at bay. We’ve even camped at an RV park just 10 min from our house just to “get away”! The memories are wonderful and we cherish them all, but we decided that we had proved to ourselves that we loved camping enough to take it to the next level.

Finally, the time came to upgrade to a camper!

We were so excited to experience these little known luxuries, you know like sleeping on a mattress instead of the cold hard ground and chilling in the camper watching Netflix with the ice-cold A/C blowing on our faces instead of being tortured by the sweltering heat of summer.


I love washing dishes in my new sink instead of outside on the picnic table so that has definitely been a perk.

Boiling water inside our camper for a fresh-pressed cup of coffee has also been life-changing, well, maybe not life-changing but just ask my family. They will tell you that I’m a lot more fun to be around after I’ve had my coffee in the morning, so maybe it’s been life-changing for them.


We are so pleased with our new camper, and all the modern conveniences it brings, however, the interior like most was very bland and boring, actually it was just downright ugly!

camper before
Camper upholstery “before “

Whoever picks out the upholstery for campers should really find a different job, for real, I’ve never seen an interior fabric choice that I’ve liked. Seriously, they’re AWFUL!! Sorry, I just had to complain a little. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

So we set out to give our new camping home a facelift.

We began by “tiling” over the existing vinyl floor with new wood-look vinyl. It even has grout lines. I love how it turned out and because we have such a tiny floorpan, it only cost about $20!



After that, we needed to address the problem of the giant dining table that our beloved little popup camper came with. It was so big that you couldn’t walk around it to get to the bed on the other side. We came up with the cool idea of using a marine pedestal as the base, then screwed it to the top part of one of those cheap coffee tables from IKEA.

Then, I recovered our camper cushions with a navy linen sheet set that found on clearance at Target. I sewed a simple, giant, pillow case style rectangle for them(because I’m not a seamstress.) I’m sure I could have done this a much more professional way, but we were in a hurry to GO CAMPING!!!  Then I just handstitched the opening closed. These covered cushions have held up great!

I thought about painting the cabinets, but after we installed our new floors,  

I ended liking the oak cabinetry much more then I thought I would.

I feel like it has a mid-century modern feel now, which I totally LOVE!


Finally, I gathered up a few throw pillows from around the house and began staging our new hip hangout spot.


I think you’ll love our updates as much as we do and they only cost us $55!

Hopefully we motivated you to do some quick easy updates to your camper too!


camper kids bed
camper master bed


camper windows open
camper bedding

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