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The ORC will provide participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Welcome!

The One Room Challenge™, currently in its seventeenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. It has been postponed to May this year because of Covid-19.

Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts.

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To date, more than 3,800 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge™. The event, and many of the spaces, have been recognized and featured.

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We have had a busy week, my boys were finishing up their homeschool for the year, and my 17-year-old just took his last test to graduate!!!

Yay, I’m so excited! One down, one to go! Homeschooling is not easy, and we have done it with both of them since kindergarten. I must say, it has been very encouraging to know the whole world is homeschooling alongside us right now during this pandemic. My cooking and laundry seem to have doubled; I can’t figure that one out, but we are still pressing on, trying to get work done on our deck for the One Room Challenge.

That being said, even with all the extra attention going to our homeschool, we still managed to get a little more done on our deck.(Our 2020 Spring ORC project)

We began by knocking out the pickets on the right side of the deck and then attaching 2x4s to our original deck anchor posts. We spaced them out evenly to give a nice modern look.

It was pretty easy to do, just a matter of measuring and cutting correctly. We decided on a one-inch gap between them and then used a small block of wood to get the spacing perfect every time. It worked really well. 

I love how our modern privacy wall turned out!


modern deck privacy wall

The newly stained area we worked on last week and the new privacy wall are already making a dramatic improvement!

We are planning to knock out the rest of the pickets next week and get started stringing up the cable system we bought on amazon. 

We got a quote from Home Depot to have cable railing installed, but it was over $3000. So it’s DIY to the rescue again, it should only cost about $100-$150.

Be sure to check back next week and follow us on instagram to keep up with our progress.