L-Bracket Plug-In Pendant Lights

L-Bracket Plug-In Pendant Lights

These L-bracket plug-in pendant lights gave my master bedroom a whole new look.

L-bracket plug-in pendant light i

We finally got a new bed frame and nightstands from Ikea!

master bedroom beforeBefore

I am so excited, I’ve been wanting this bed for years. One of the problems we had to solve though was bedside lighting. Our other nightstands were big enough for a decent-sized lamp, but our new ones were much smaller. 

L-bracket plug-in pendant light in bedroom

 My idea was to find some sort of stylish hanging plug-in pendant light to fit the bill. I came across these pretty, wooden L-brackets on Amazon. Then I found the perfect brass plug-in pendant cables for the brackets. They are even dimmable!

Next, I had to find the BIGGEST led lightbulbs on the market, to achieve the look I was going for.


I found my bulbs at Lowes, but I don’t think they have them anymore. These are very similar.  

The L-brackets were very easy to install.


L-bracket plug-in pendant light

I measured from the floor and the bed exactly where I wanted them to hang them and then put pencil marks on the wall through the two holes on the bracket. Next, I screwed them into the wall with a drill. I probably should have put drywall anchors in before the screws, but I was too anxious to get these puppies put up on the wall, after waiting all day for my amazon prime box to arrive.

It will be easy to go back and pop some anchors in the wall later if they end up needing it. So far so good.

To hang the cord around the L-bracket, you just decided how long you want your cord to hand off the top edge, then work backwards wrapping the cord around the bracket. Then untwist with the cord a little to get it to hang straight against the wall and down to the floor.

As you can see in the pictures, I couldn’t fit the pendant cord through the little pre-drilled holes on the L-bracket, but I still think they look great.

And since I don’t have to put a lamp on my nightstand, I now have room for a pretty plant and a candle,Yay!


master bedroom

master bedroom reveal after

I absolutely love the mid-century look of these pendants, plus they were super easy to make.

 I’m so happy with how my L-bracket plug-in pendant lights turned out, and they only took a few minutes to install. 

It was an easy solution to a bedside lighting dilemma.

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L-bracket plug-in pendant light i


L-bracket plug-in pendant light